Saturday, January 12, 2008

January 12th, 2008

today has turned out to be pretty good.

it's the first weekend in a long time that chris and i have both have off and had absolutely no plans. we slept in together. ate breakfast together. and when we were both ready we went out and did some shopping.

i had to stop by the sprint store as my phone is dying (yay! one more thing i have to buy!) then we had chipotle (yyyyuuuuummmm!). after that we headed off to see juno. extremely good movie! i cried

i might have time to write more later but right now i should go. kristin is over. she's bored watching me blog and as a result has started to break my belongings :)

the above picture is of chris working on a cat scratching post stand thingamabobber. isn't he a sweetheart? right now he's actually off to home depot to grab some more twine :)

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