Monday, January 28, 2008

Fennel Toothpaste

yes. fennel toothpaste. quite possibly the nastiest thing i've ever heard of.....

but enough of that. like i said - we had a great weekend. even though we got an extremely late start (arriving in duluth at 4pm) it was still a great time. i'm really glad i finally got to meet don and anita - we tried to hatch a solid plan to get chris back up there in a few years :) having them and carrie and steve - why...we'd have friends! (at least friends that in live in the same city or thereabouts) plus don mentioned having game night with drinks - love him already :)

wow - it's already 9pm! chris just finished making dinner (we got a late start tonight. going to the grocery store evidently also meant going shopping at the gap and ae - not that i'm complaining. seeing their cute stuff inspired me to hop on that ellipitical when we got home) so i'm gonna scidaddle and eat. i'll leave you with some (okay...a lot) of pictures from the weekend.


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